To maintain their image as mages, shamans etc, cyber shamans dressed appropriately. Their outfits were often long dresses or dressing gowns, referring to the image of magicians and wizards.
golden implants for making prediction shows
lots of golden elements in accessories and clothes
long dress with astrological ornament

Faction Background

In the NEO world, amidst great uncertainty about the future, people have developed a strong magical mindset. They have increased their belief in astrology, tarot cards, divination and so on. This would seem strange, as there is a plethora of super modern technology around and all information can be found very quickly.

However the problem is that it is difficult for people to understand complex technical things, so people have sought answers to their questions in things that were relatively easy to understand, namely astrology, numerology, tarot cards, etc. As a result, a separate faction of cyber shamans emerged.

The representatives of this faction were mostly girls. Age did not matter in this faction. An important aspect was that the representatives of this faction did not rely entirely on the magical aspect of their activities. They skillfully combined it with the technological sophistication of society. So in their divination and fortune telling they used all sorts of the most advanced technology.

They had many implants on their bodies. For example, during divination, a cyber-shaman’s story could be accompanied by holograms that appeared from a special implant on her arm or head. Different members of the faction used different implants and came up with different ways to make their predictions more spectacular, because they needed to compete in the free market for customers with other members of the faction.

The demand for such divination was very high, even though the services of cyber shamans were quite expensive and people did not earn much. At times, people were willing to give their last pennies to get a prediction on a matter of concern to them. It was important to note that those who approached the cyber shamans believed that their predictions were indeed based on some scientific or technological aspect, for the cyber shamans could put on a whole show with their implants, holograms, etc.

The cyber shamans are quite wealthy because their services were in demand, and they cost a lot. Not only poor uneducated people, but also many quite influential members of society turned to them. For example, heads of corporations, leaders of criminal gangs, etc. The reason for this is that if a person really wants an answer to a question, he would be prepared to pay any money to someone who could answer that question.


There are lots of interesting and unique characters in the Shaman faction. Meet them all!

Place of Residence

ShamanS have enough money to afford housing in the most luxurious and expensive area of the city. They live in the Business area and wealthy parts of Japan town.


Factions of NEO

Heirs of Nature

Conservative members of society. Hermits who could not accept rapid technological change.


Shaman girls that skilfully combine magical aspect with the technological sophistication of society.

Wasteland Vortex

Young anarchists, kings of the road. All that matters to them is freedom, the wind whistling in their ear, and their bikes!

Nobel Mafia

Organised criminal group. Bandits are always bandits, and they have chosen this way for a reason.


Japanese people combining their traditional mindset with the advent of a new reality of the cyberpunk era.


Carefree young people. Their lifestyle. is hedonism. They live in the present and try to have as much fun as possible.


Faction of the most radical members of the criminal world. No good deeds matter to them. Only money matters.


In the corporate world, everyone plays for himself. There is no corporate honour, no committment. It's all about money.


This faction was formed from an organisation that selects and trains professional female fighters.