Nobel Mafia 


Members of Noble Mafia wear strict formal suits. Quite large part of their bodies are covered in tattoos. They are slightly different from traditional yakuza tattoos. Tattoos of this nobel mafia consist of thin lines of black and red.
special black & red tattoos made of thin lines
strict formal suit. Usually black & white
stylish katanas with golden or neon elements

Faction Background

This faction cannot be said to be good and kind. Bandits are always bandits, and they have chosen this way for a reason. They don’t hesitate to rob or kill, but the boundaries of what is allowed in this faction are defined by some “internal moral code”. You could say that the faction is an organized criminal group with a strict hierarchy, in which the lowest in rank are subordinate to the highest. It is a structure that no one would complain about, because that is the way it is done here. The faction members are predominantly Japanese and Italians. Members of this faction oppose the government, corporations etc. Sometimes they even protect and help the oppressed sections of the population. Representatives of this faction give protection to the poor and oppressed of the city. They help with money, food and sometimes even offer jobs. Of course, not all ordinary people are happy to turn to this faction of noble thugs. Some don’t want to get involved with the underworld at all, lest they get themselves in trouble. Despite the fact that representatives of this faction help ordinary people, they are still criminals and are willing to take on many errands. However, there are some tasks that their code of honour won’t allow them to handle, so customers turn to the daredevil-punk faction for particularly cruel and insane orders.


There are lots of interesting and unique characters in Nobel mafia faction: yakuza, killers, businessmen, etc. Meet them all!

Place of Residence

Representatives of the noble mafia live in the Business area or Japantown. This depends on their income, hierarchy and roots. Many Japanese prefer to live in Japantown.


Factions of NEO

Heirs of Nature

Conservative members of society. Hermits who could not accept rapid technological change.


Shaman girls that skilfully combine magical aspect with the technological sophistication of society.

Wasteland Vortex

Young anarchists, kings of the road. All that matters to them is freedom, the wind whistling in their ear, and their bikes!

Nobel Mafia

Organised criminal group. Bandits are always bandits, and they have chosen this way for a reason.


Japanese people combining their traditional mindset with the advent of a new reality of the cyberpunk era.


Carefree young people. Their lifestyle. is hedonism. They live in the present and try to have as much fun as possible.


Faction of the most radical members of the criminal world. No good deeds matter to them. Only money matters.


In the corporate world, everyone plays for himself. There is no corporate honour, no committment. It's all about money.


This faction was formed from an organisation that selects and trains professional female fighters.