Heirs of Nature


Heirs of nature wear wide clothes made of natural fabrics, and the fabrics are made from plants the hermits propagate themselves.
lots of religious attribuets from various confessions
real books, where they preserve their knowledge
clothes from natural fabrics made of plants

Faction Background

Conservative members of society who could not accept rapid technological change. Although technological progress has been gradual, these people initially seem to have ignored it, and when it became impossible to deny the obvious, they decided as if they were detached from all modernity.

They are probably the only group (and the only people in all of NEO) that continue to practice religion. All other inhabitants have long since become atheists, and if they worship anyone, it’s the genius scientists and inventors who bring ever new, unusual and useful technology to the world. And only the hermits continue to practice religions.

There is no single religion among them: there are representatives of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and other religions. Within the Heirs of nature faction there are additional subdivisions along religious lines. However, these small sub-groups do not conflict with each other. Generally speaking, this faction is the most non-conflictual.

They live away from everyone else. They try to be closer to nature (as much as possible in the cyberpunk world). They want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so they live either in slums or outside the city at all. They breed plants in specialized greenhouses, and use them for their own sustenance and sometimes sell them to very rich people. Due to the extreme scarcity of natural food (as a result of the degradation of nature because of technological development), the products that the hermits supply are very expensive. This is one of the main sources of income for this faction.

In addition, some Heirs of nature breed poisonous insects. They can only exist in certain natural and climatic conditions, so many of the hermit’s greenhouses are set aside just for special small rainforests, where they breed poisonous insects. It can be said that only this faction has preserved the knowledge of the technology for the proper breeding of plants and insects. Of course, such research is done in big corporations as well, but ordinary people do not have access to it, so if people suddenly need natural products, potions or poisons, they can buy from hermits, but it will be very expensive.

Heirs of nature reject all technological modifications of the body. They do not install any implants and even prefer to heal themselves the old-fashioned way in those cases where it is possible. The members of this faction are mostly elderly. Of course it is a separate community, so there are members of all ages, but the young try to leave for the city and do not want to be separated from technology and do only farming, but there are also those who from birth absorb the ideas of this faction from the older generation and live with it all their lives and do not leave. Only the hermit faction retains printed books, while the rest of the city’s population has long since switched to electronic books.


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Place of Residence

As Heirs of nature prefer to live as far as possible from modern technologies, that’s why they live in slum area and in the surrounding areas of the city.


Factions of NEO

Heirs of Nature

Conservative members of society. Hermits who could not accept rapid technological change.


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In the corporate world, everyone plays for himself. There is no corporate honour, no committment. It's all about money.


This faction was formed from an organisation that selects and trains professional female fighters.