Corporates earn a lot and therefore can afford the best in this capitalist world. They don’t necessarily wear office suits. Style of corpo ia minimalism and aesthetics balanced with futurism. All their clothes look expensive.
minimalistic implants used for functionality
strict business dress with neon elements

Faction Background

In the corporate world, it’s every man for himself. There is no corporate honor here, no commitment to one firm as in Japanese companies. It’s all about money. Corporates are more likely to be senior executives of companies who are concerned about increasing their earnings, influence, etc.

Ordinary employees are ordinary clerks who spend all their time at work in order to make ends meet (they have no vested interests). Although the corporates are in favor of themselves, they sometimes prefer to form alliances for collective benefit. For example, they need to achieve a particular goal, to increase their influence, and they understand people with connections who can help them in that, so they turn to them.

There is no support, unselfishness and mutual assistance in relations among corporatemen. Everything is based solely on material values and personal gain.

You could say that a corporate is a mixture of a businessman and a politician who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Corporates are senior management in large companies. There are only about 7−8 big companies in the market in NEOs. They dominate the market and keep young and promising companies out.

It can be said that these companies are engaged in monopolistic collusion for maximum benefit. Even though the management of the companies hold regular meetings on the subject of cooperation between the companies and settlement of business relations, the corporations still try to take over the competitors’ business behind each other’s backs, drive the competitors out of the market and lead them to bankruptcy.


There are lots of interesting and unique characters in the Corpo faction. Meet them all!

Place of Residence

Corpos have enough money to afford housing in the most luxurious
and expensive area of the city, so most corpos live in the Business area.


Factions of NEO

Heirs of Nature

Conservative members of society. Hermits who could not accept rapid technological change.


Shaman girls that skilfully combine magical aspect with the technological sophistication of society.

Wasteland Vortex

Young anarchists, kings of the road. All that matters to them is freedom, the wind whistling in their ear, and their bikes!

Nobel Mafia

Organised criminal group. Bandits are always bandits, and they have chosen this way for a reason.


Japanese people combining their traditional mindset with the advent of a new reality of the cyberpunk era.


Carefree young people. Their lifestyle. is hedonism. They live in the present and try to have as much fun as possible.


Faction of the most radical members of the criminal world. No good deeds matter to them. Only money matters.


In the corporate world, everyone plays for himself. There is no corporate honour, no committment. It's all about money.


This faction was formed from an organisation that selects and trains professional female fighters.