Since main job of Archangels is to be bodyguards, or to fulfill assassination orders (and sometimes espionage), they usually wear an armored suit.

various weapons different for every mercenary

brand armored suit from the Academy

Faction Background

This faction was formed from an organisation that trains specially trained fighters. An important feature of this organisation is that all graduates are girls. Why girls? Biologically, girls have a higher pain threshold. This is very important for a fighter undergoing special training. Besides, girls have more stamina and plasticity, which is also important.

The organisation itself was founded by a former professional mercenary. She selects girls from poor families or orphans and gives them a chance to get ahead and achieve something in life. Why girls from poor families? Because the head of this organisation grew up in poverty and was an orphan herself, she had to work very hard to get ahead, so now she helps girls who are in the same situation as she is.

Of course, becoming a mercenary is a big risk, but it’s a voluntary decision of each student, because this way there is at least some chance of getting a normal life instead of dying in poverty in the slums. The girls undergo very serious physical and mental training. They are taught various combat techniques, spy tricks, weapon handling, handling machinery, etc.

After graduating from the academy the girls become professional high paid mercenaries, that’s why demand for them from corporations or representatives of the criminal top brass is very high. So why can’t anyone enter the academy? (Perhaps people from ordinary families would also like to.) The thing is that the training at the academy is very harsh. The girls go through sweat, blood and tears during their training to become real professionals.

The poor orphans only continue training because they have nowhere else to go. They have no family, no home, no money, nothing. If they leave the academy, they are condemned to an extremely miserable existence or death. Children from relatively well-off families, on the other hand, have somewhere to go back to. If anything, their parents will take them in, find them regular jobs etc. Such children would not be able to complete the training cycle to the end, so only girls in the most miserable condition are selected for this special academy.

After graduation, the girls either get jobs as bodyguards with corporations, high ranking officials, etc., or they work as mercenaries and take private jobs. Because of their high level of professionalism, they are expensive, and only rich people or members of the criminal elite can afford such a mercenary.


There are lots of interesting and unique characters in the Archangels faction. Meet them all!

Place of Residence

Archangels have enough money to afford housing in the most luxurious and expensive area of the city. Most mercenaries from “Archangels” live in the Business area.


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This faction was formed from an organisation that selects and trains professional female fighters.